Are you a member of a new band?

Do you have a bunch of friends who would come and see you if only you could get a gig?

Well then, we are here to help!

We are always on the lookout for new and talented artists and you could be one of them. Fitzgerald’s is going to have break out band night every last Sunday of every month and if you think you’re ready to show your stuff then we are ready to give you a shot.

Here’s the basic deal: a $50 deposit (so we know you are serious about the show) that you get back if you bring in 25 people. That’s not so tough right, you probably have 25 friends who wouldn’t mind paying a to see you live at Fitzgerald’s. Just think you and your band on a real stage with lighting, a full P.A., a professional soundman, and a full bar for your adult fans. You must complete 2 Break Out Band nights bringing at least 25 people in each time in order to receive your $50 deposit back.  Once you complete 2 Break Out Band Nights, you will then be booked on bigger and better shows.

If you wanna show us what you’ve got, call us at the number below.