Blaggards introduce

Blaggards – (Set time: 9:45 PM)
Blaggards are a rock band from Houston, Texas, playing “Stout Irish Rock”, traditional Irish music mixed with rock n’ roll. Formed in 2004.

Galactic Cowboys

Galactic Cowboys
Ready or not, here come Galactic Cowboys!
The year was 1989 and a call came forth to go out into the world with a message of hope for all. Galactic Cowboys heeded the call when they climbed into a 1973 Vista Cruiser to support their friends, King’s X for a brief tour. In 1991 when their first album was released on DGC Records, the world got a taste of something they’d never experienced before – musical genius rarely seen in the decade of the 1990s.
Unaffected by musical trends, they continued to spread joy through melodious metal while signed to Metal Blade Records until the your 2000. At that time, they were called away on a secret mission which took them out of our musical world and into worlds unknown. In the year 2017 Mascot Label Group has asked them to make a triumphant return to earth with one mission in mind, to save the musical universe!

New album out NOVEMBER 17, 2017
The 90’s progressive metal adventurers return with the original line up and their first album in 17 years.

The Contagious
We are a band from Montgomery, Texas. Includes Mac Johnson- lead vocals and guitar, Cayden Diebold- bass and backing vocals and Jake Douglas- drums that are all sophomore honors, AP students making straight A’s.
Mac, lead guitar and vocals, is a tall and scrawny guy. He loves attacking his guitar, while endearing microphones and likes to think of himself as a hot wings connoisseur while
sipping on a cold Dr. Pepper. If he was an animal, he would be a wildebeest.
Cayden, bass and backing vocals, started playing guitar when he was 9 and met the boys from The Contagious a few years later then switched to bass to provide additional thunder and harmony for the band. Outside of music, he enjoys riding BMX to stay active. Cayden is also a Dr. Pepper enthusiast.
Jake, drummer and band videographer, has been playing drums since the age of 2. He is very quiet until he gets behind his kit and then he becomes this bombastic force of machine like rhythm. He enjoys making videos for the band. He likes chips, salsa and a cold Dr. Pepper to wash it down.
Together they form a tight knit group whose focus is writing songs with an emphasis on strong hooks and harmony, reinforced by catchy guitar riffs built on a solid foundation of percussive assault. Their live performances exude vibe, energy and polished professionalism well beyond their years.

Mr/Miss & Newcomer Drag Pageant

Mr/Miss & Newcomer Pageant
Honoring Teriko Ross St. James & Adeciya Iman, Zavior Dupree & Krystal Smith.
Also Featuring: Kei’shun G. Ross, Odaci Black Bonet, Khoas Dickerson, Shayla Nicole.

– Red, Whte, Blue, or Combination
– Sportswear
– Formal Wear/Evening Gown
– Question & Answer
– Talent

Fort Defiance Brianna Musco

Fort Defiance
Fort Defiance is high-energy folk trio from Nashville, Tennessee, born from the solo careers of multi-instrumentalists Jordan Eastman and Laurel Lane.
The two met in early 2014, and began touring together just three weeks later; living in the back of Eastman’s truck and playing shows across the country.
The pairing of Lane’s Dolly-esque southern charm with Eastman’s heartfelt lyrics and passionate stage performance was quickly met with great response; inspiring them to “start a real band” and recruit drummer, washboard player and long-time friend, Dave Martin.

Since forming, the trio has been hailed for their honest songwriting, grassroots sincerity, and crowd-oriented live performance that kicks down the fourth wall and has led both fans and critics to say, “They play with such vigorous honesty, it reminds you that music can still be more than gimmicks” (Dan London Blog) and call them a “a rousing display of punk-scuffed folk…full of earnest heart, and bellies of fire.” (Orlando Weekly)

In 2015, they released their 100% crowd funded debut album “Worry Has No Home,” and even moved from the truck bed to a tow-behind-trailer; into what feels to them like mighty fancy livin’.

Brianna Musco
Retired athlete turned musician

Cowboy Mouth

Cowboy Mouth
New Orleans rock ‘n’ roll band.

Fred LeBlanc – vocals, drums
John Thomas Griffith – vocals, lead guitar, keyboards
Matt Jones – guitar, vocals
Casandra Faulconer – bass

Former members:
Paul Sanchez – guitar, vocals (founding member, left in 2006)
Paul Clement – bass
Regina Zernay – bass (2007-2010)
Jonathan Pretus – rhythm guitar, vocals (2007–2010)
Sonia Tetlow – bass, vocals (left in 2007)
Steve Walters – bass
Rob Savoy – bass
Mary LaSang – bass
Vance Degeneres – guitar, vocals (2006-2007)

Vanessa De Mata

Vanessa De Mata
Vanessa Sigiane da Mata Ferreira was born in Alto Garças, a small town in Mato Grosso located 399 km (248 miles) from state capital Cuiabá.[1] Her article in the Portuguese Wikipedia stated that she has Xavante ancestry through her maternal grandmother. Vanessa has denied these claims, but said that her grandmother has indeed Native Brazilian ancestry, although she “can’t identify from which tribe”.[2]

An autodidact in music, Vanessa listened to very different genres in her childhood; from Luiz Gonzaga to Tom Jobim, and from Milton Nascimento to Orlando Silva.[1] She would also listen to regional music like carimbó through the records brought by an uncle who travelled to the Amazon.[1] She was also familiar with samba, sertaneja music, and even brega Italian music, which were available to her through a local AM radio station.[1] In several interviews, she cites deceased samba singer Clara Nunes as an influential figure in her compositions and image.

Tab Benoit, The Buddy Whittington Band, Jeff Plankenhorn, Milligan Vaughan Project

Tab Benoit – (Set time: 9:30 PM)
American blues musician, guitarist and songwriter, born November 17, 1967 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He grew up in Houma, Louisiana.
Milligan Vaughan Project – (Set time: 8:30 PM)
It has been said that the sum is always greater than the parts. The parts can be good but together they are exceptional and that holds true in the case of MVP. The Milligan Vaughan Project or MVP is a musical partnership between Austin’s highly acclaimed vocalist Malford Milligan – and – guitar slinger Tyrone Vaughan both of whom have a rich musical history steeped in The Blues and Rock and Roll. It was at an early age that both were introduced to music that would become an integral part of their lives.
The Buddy Whittington Band – (Set time: 7:30 PM)
A lifelong Texan, Buddy Whittington ‘entered the arena’ on December 28, 1956, in Fort Worth, and became enamored of the electric guitar like countless kids of his vintage shortly thereafter, who were mesmerized at the reality that ‘you plucked a string…’here’, and the sound came out…’over THERE.’
Though no other family members played an instrument, there was always music in the home, be it emanating from the TV on Saturday evenings (‘Cowtown Jamboree’ and Big ‘D’ Jamboree were locally produced live weekly shows featuring top name country artists of the day) AM radio also featured prominently, with KXOL, KFJZ, KLIF, KKDA, WBAP, WRR and KNOK providing a wide variety of sounds and styles to open and expand a young would-be musician’s ears long before the advent of ‘Underground’ Album Rock Radio stations like KFAD and KNUS, KTXQ ‘Q102’ and KZEW ‘The Zoo’ 98 FM.

Western Swing music also played a part, as Mr. and Mrs. Whittington were big fans of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. Probably the biggest influence in young Bud’s musical makeup was the record collection of his big sister, encompassing everything from British Invasion bands to R&B; hits of the day, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Beatles, Stones, The Who, The Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers to ‘The Temps and The Tops’, Gary ‘U.S.’ Bond, Jimmy Reed, and Slim Harpo.

A succession of fledgling musical efforts with varying degrees of success ensued, culminating in an offer by John Mayall to join The Bluesbreakers in 1993.

“The band I was in at the time, ‘The Sidemen’, had a good friend in Mr. Jerry Thompson, who these days is President of Promoterline Inc., but back then was managing the Dallas Alley complex, where he would book us as the opening act on any number of outdoor events and shows, and we were booked as the opener for a Bluesbreakers’ show…. Mr. Mayall asked me for my contact info, we stayed loosely in touch for the next two years, and when then-Bluesbreakers guitarist Coco Montoya decided it was time to hit the highway on his own, I ‘received the call’ and appeared on countless Mayall shows and recordings worldwide for the 15 years between 1993 and 2008, at which time the existing Bluesbreakers were ‘kicked out of the nest’ and the band was reformed by Mayall.”

Buddy’s self-titled solo CD appeared in 2007, and has garnered very favorable reviews and considerable airplay. The CD, recorded at Hurricane Sound in Garland, Texas by engineer / producer / drummer / ‘ubertalentedmultiinstrumentalist’ Mike Gage, features performances by Gage, longtime bassist Wayne Six, co-guitarist Michael ‘Mouse’ Mayes, and this configuration makes up the core of the current working band. ‘We can play just about anything we need to between us, as we have all ‘played in different bands together’ for years, and really enjoy working with each other.’ says Bud, who is currently writing songs for his second solo outing.

Jeff Plankenhorn – (Set time: 6:30 PM)
A quick listen to the albums released by Jeff Plankenhorn will give you an idea of the extremely varied styles the man Emily Robison of The Dixie Chicks calls a “chameleon” of performing. A deeper listen will uncover the overwhelmingly deep love all types of music Jeff has incorporated in his own unique style. Plankenhorn, or “Plank” as he is known, has found a way to blend the soulful vocals of the church, Motown, and funk singers that dominated his speakers as a youth with the bluegrass he studied while living in Nashville and the lyrically driven feel of the songwriters he has performed with since moving to Austin into an intoxicating sound that spans them all.

Like many other artists, Jeff found his voice in the church choir of his boyhood home in Ohio, “It was my first sense of belonging, community, and a feeling of doing good for others when we sang,” he recalls. Given a guitar from his older brother (an accomplished musician in his own right), Plank immediately found his calling as a musician, and began a lifetime calling of mastering the stringed instruments that spoke to him. His high school days, full of recording and performing, led him to the University of Michigan where he quickly became a mainstay in the Ann Arbor music scene. Following college, Jeff headed to Nashville to continue his education, “studying” under the likes of Uncle Josh Graves, Gene Wooten, and Jerry Douglas. Never satisfied with the status quo, Jeff was intrigued by the suggestion of songwriting legend Ray Wylie Hubbard of coming to Austin, Texas. Upon arriving in the Lone Star State, Plankenhorn’s Swiss army knife abilities immediately created a high demand for his talents, and he began adding to a resume that includes appearances on records by such luminaries as Joe Ely, Ray Wylie, Slaid Cleaves, Eliza Gilkyson, Jimmy Lafave and many more.

All of these experiences have led to Jeff’s currently tireless schedule of playing shows that include, song driven folk solo appearances, slide guitar heavy rock ‘n’ roll/soul shows with his own band, as well as the many standing dates with the collaborative Austin bands, The Apostles of Manchaca, The Purgatory Players, and the Resentments. 2016 will have Jeff amping up his national touring schedule with band shows, solo gigs and festival appearances, all while maintaining his presence in the Austin scene. The year promises to let the rest of the country in on what so many other musicians and the entire Austin music community have been enjoying for years now.


Talented Spanish singer/songwriter Rosana Arbelo got involved in music after getting her first guitar at the age of five, composing her first song three years later. The artist’s passion for music was growing while being a regular student at a local Catholic school, later moving to Madrid to study music. Before going on her own, Rosana Arbelo used to compose songs for local celebrities, such as Joaquín Sabina, Miguel Rios, and María Dolores Pradera, making her solo debut album called Lunas Rotas in 1996, getting the singles “El Talisman” and “Sin Miedo,” climbing on the most important Spanish charts. That same year, Rosana Arbelo achieved two Onda Awards for Best Album and Revelation of the Year. In addition, “El Talisman” and “Lunas Rotas” were chosen by director Quentin Tarantino for the soundtrack of his movie Curled. In 1998, Rosana Arbelo’s Luna Nueva was released. ~ Drago Bonacich, Rovi

3rd Annual Memorial Weekend Meltdown

The Octanes
The Octanes”, hailing from Austin, Texas, are one of America’s premier roots/rockabilly bands. Fronted by guitarist Adam Burchfield, who has been proudly endorsed by Gretsch Guitars in 2013. Nominated in 2011 Best Americana, 2010 Best Roots Rock , by The Houston Press, and Best Bass Player 2010 & 2011! Consisting of: Adam Burchfield (Guitar, Vocals) , Drew Hays (bass, vocals), Brian Fahey ( Drums). The Octanes play mostly original material, heavily rooted in hillbilly, while revving up the traditional sound with driving rhythms, and a big guitar sound. Their highly anticipated new release “Roots, Rock, and Romance” was released with rave reviews. Including Vintage Guitar Magazine, and a “Best of the Rest” pick by the Austin Chronicle. Lucky Seven is still available at shows, local record shops, and. C.D. Baby, on-line.
The Octanes have shared shows with the likes of: Wanda Jackson, Southern Culture On The Skids, Candye Kane, The Nekromantix, The Phantom Rockers, Pep Torres, Mack Stevens, and The Chop Tops, just to name a few. Gretsch endorsed guitar player, Adam Burchfield has toured the U.S. and Europe with regional and International artists (Sonny Boy Terry, Coal, ) and has shared the stage with the likes of Billy Gibbons, Chris Duarte,and Gary Primich. The “Sweetheart of the Bass” is a highly talented Upright Bass Player, blending superb musicianship with a high energy stage presence. She also performs with Rockabilly guitarist Danny B. Harvey. Drummer, “Sneaky Pete” Crowley is considered English Rockabilly Royalty , with too many big names credits to list. He brings a great rockin’ beat to the band, always lookin’ sharp with no a holds barred energy behind the kit!
Mike Barfield
The Tyrant Of Texas Funk!! Mike Barfield is probably one of the few people on the planet who has opened for both Merle Haggard and Bernie Worrell of P Funk. He is part of a somewhat forgotten legacy of lead singers/frontmen who comfortably mix genres together.
Bert Wills
Bert Wills is a blues guitar player and vocalist from the Texas Gulf Coast. He led the Crying Shames and the Country Cadillacs, and is currently based out of New Orleans playing with longtime sidekick Clint Boyd.

Via Linda

Via Linda
Hello everyone, check us out at for most frequent and recent updates to the bands such as songs, shows, promos etc… updated March 2008. EP Out Summer 2008

Band Members
Pablo Delgado – Bass, Vocals
Steven Ramirez – Guitar
Victor Garcia – Drums
Aaron Kelley – Vocals
Charlie Head – Guitar, Vocals

Red Iris
Band Members
Zeek – Guitar
Oscar – Bass
J.J. – Drums
Emily – Vocals
Brock – Keyboard