SKYROCKET! is perhaps the most wickedly original party band to emerge from any music scene, let alone a city like Austin where original music rules. Two things make SKYROCKET! stand out: 1) The players. All of them are recording artists in their own right. Maybe you’ve seen them before, on tour, on TV, or performing around Austin. 2) The songs. It all started when this handful of the city’s most successful and well-loved songwriters discovered a common passion for ’70s “solid-gold” music: Disco, glam rock, soft rock and soul one-hit wonders. One forgotten hit led to another, then the ’70s led to the ’80s, and the song list grew, cherry-picked for the ones most likely to get screams of sudden recognition from the audience. Calling themselves The K-TEL Hit Machine, They caught on quickly as one of the freshest, funnest dance bands around. By the end of 2005, they had even charmed city’s impossible-to-charm music critics at the Austin Chronicle’s holiday bash, and the band’s popularity SKYROCKETed from there, hence the name change.