Survival Guide

Survival Guide
Survival Guide is an artistic endeavor featuring vocalist and keyboardist Emily Whitehurst. The music falls somewhere between indie rock and electronic, always with strong vocals and a sprinkle of pop. Survival Guide is known to use a handful of gadgets during a live set: a toy glockenspiel, a telephone, sometimes a bubble gun. Whitehurst is known for singing lead in her previous bands: Tsunami Bomb (punk) and The Action Design (power pop).
Such Marvelous Monsters
Such Marvelous Monsters is a North Houston, Texas based band with an incredibly diverse sound best described as “shoe-gazey, dream pop, indie-rock”.
As a relatively new band (having their last member join at the start of 2016) they have just released their first fully original 8 track demo and are working on an ep featuring songs from the demo as well as never before heard material.
Lungs & Limbs
Lungs and Limbs are an alt pop band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for their thick, hip-hop-and-80’s-inspired beats, cowboy guitar licks and hook-laden vocals, the quartet’s debut EP Lifelike (2015), written and recorded in a horse stable, garnered positive press from critics in the Bay Area, Boston, LA, Germany and beyond. Do the Bay describes Lungs and Limbs as “…a tight, clean sound that is refreshing to hear in a sea of lo-fi garage rock that seems to sometimes dominate the local music scene in SF.” On June 17 Lungs and Limbs will debut Less Ordinary, the first single from their upcoming follow-up EP, Big Bang, with a release party at Neck of the Woods in San Francisco.