Golden Dawn Arkestra

The Warplanes
Though most of the band hails from north-ish Houston, The Warplanes did not come together until making their way to our musically inclined mistress of a city. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Isaac James Routh, keyboardist/vocalist Luke Dalton, bassist Jesse J. Flores, drummer/percussionist Aric Garcia, and lead guitarist Matt Germeyer.

“Their music has a large blues influence with touches of southern, psych, and indie rock. Throw in Isaac’s haunting voice and they have a sound that I’ve dubbed “phantom rock.” I make up genres, no big deal.”

-Landon McCampbell, UWeekly Austin

Soul Creatures
We are a six-piece mix of eclectic musical backgrounds joined together to produce a modern take on the classic funk pop, rock, and soul vibe. Situated in Houston, Texas with some international roots, our intention is to create incredibly danceable music that simultaneously uplifts the soul. Horns, guitar, bass, and rhythm all come together behind Russ’ powerful stage presence to unify both the band and the audience in a communal good time. Our music will get you moving and our live performances are an event to be experienced. *Funk Heals.
Heights Funk Collective
9 piece funk fusion band playing the Houston area. Delivering high energy, crowd engaging, originals and covers. Taking over H-TOWN one show at a time.