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Fort Defiance
Fort Defiance is high-energy folk trio from Nashville, Tennessee, born from the solo careers of multi-instrumentalists Jordan Eastman and Laurel Lane.
The two met in early 2014, and began touring together just three weeks later; living in the back of Eastman’s truck and playing shows across the country.
The pairing of Lane’s Dolly-esque southern charm with Eastman’s heartfelt lyrics and passionate stage performance was quickly met with great response; inspiring them to “start a real band” and recruit drummer, washboard player and long-time friend, Dave Martin.

Since forming, the trio has been hailed for their honest songwriting, grassroots sincerity, and crowd-oriented live performance that kicks down the fourth wall and has led both fans and critics to say, “They play with such vigorous honesty, it reminds you that music can still be more than gimmicks” (Dan London Blog) and call them a “a rousing display of punk-scuffed folk…full of earnest heart, and bellies of fire.” (Orlando Weekly)

In 2015, they released their 100% crowd funded debut album “Worry Has No Home,” and even moved from the truck bed to a tow-behind-trailer; into what feels to them like mighty fancy livin’.

Brianna Musco
Retired athlete turned musician