Fitzgerald’s, located in the heart of the Houston Heights, is a promotions company which is housed in a two-story concert venue and meeting hall. Recently remodeled with new sound/lights and surrounded by restaurants, Fitzgerald’s is located at the corner of White Oak Drive (6th Street) and Studemont (aka Montrose Blvd). We offer a casual atmosphere in a historic, 98 year old Polish dance hall.

With over 10,000 square foot of covered space and 18,000 square foot of paved parking, Fitzgerald’s can be use for events from 50 – 1,000 people.It is also the cornerstone venue for White Oak Street events such as the White Linen Night, St. Arnold’s Pub Crawl and more recently the Halloween Karbach Creep that attracted over 5,000 people.

Primarily known for producing over 10,000 concerts from the most famous musician to the fledgling artist, Fitzgerald’s is diverse in musical genres as well as events. About half of the artists featured on our web page,, are in-house productions (we buy the talent, promote and sell the tickets).The other half are shows being produced by outside promoters. If you want to produce your own show, then we rent you a floor or the building or the whole corner.  If you’re a new producer, then we can help you with booking and contracting the talent.  Your artists will appreciate the renovated backstage area with private bathroom, decks, kitchen and washer/dryer.


There is nothing typical about what we have produced or what we may be asked to produce in the future.  We start by asking about your event, expected guests and your budget.Together, we come up with creative ideas to energize your unique event in an efficient , cost effective manner.Below are some examples.

Birthdays – We recently had a party for three men turning 60 (they rented the downstairs, we booked the band), a girl’s 16th birthday (held it in the afternoon) and thousands of mini-parties within other scheduled events.  A small budget party for 20 people might involve roping off part of the balcony during a concert. Or you might want to rent the upstairs and fly in your favorite musician.We handle all the production, sound, lights, engineers and security. We take delivery of your catering, set up the seating and clean up after the party.

Class/Family Reunions –They might include an outdoor bbq, a band,  open bar or catered. Both floors have stages, lights & sound equipment as well as projectors and screen for those fun photos from your youth. We play your music or provide a DJ.

Weddings/Receptions – We had a couple that rented the downstairs. Guests floated a keg before the ceremony and then played music on their toy instruments as the bride came down the aisle. It was lots of fun followed by a dance with a rockabilly band.  A wedding/reception doesn’t have to be expensive.  It might include a private ceremony early in the day which merges with a concert that night.

Celebration of Life (rock & roll funeral) – Some folks want to skip the solemn ceremony with a preacher, but would rather have a gathering of friends to talk about the good times. We play music, offer microphones for guests to talk (or play the guitar) about the deceased and show slides provided by the family. Families provide refreshments and food.We provide the Irish whiskey.


Fund Raisers – We’ve been involved in many of these. Just let us know what you have in mind.

Musicals and plays – We’ve done drag shows, burlesque, comedy shows and side-show circuses.We have multiple dressing rooms, a props area, a runway, professional lighting and a spot light.

Podcasts and Corporate Meetings – These generally happen during the week.We provide the chairs and microphones and big screen for projections.Open bar if needed or after meeting mixer.

Political Rallies –  We recently rented the downstairs for the victory party for the newly elected sheriff.We hooked up all the local stations to our PA system and displayed the election results on our many TV’s.

Youth Events – We hosted the Girl’s Rock Camp show, Youtube singers The Merrill Twins, Katy School of Rock and Youtube comedian Tana Montigue. The customers were between the ages of 6 and 16, the shows were sold-out with some kids camping out at 5:00 am to be first in line.

BBQ Cook-off’s and Craft Shows – We do these in the parking lot during the day, with entertainment inside.We’ve done art shows, motorcycle swap meets and rock & roll garage sales. We’ve added food trucks for food and set up parking lot stages and vendor booths and can supply tents and picnic tables.

Movie Shoots – Fitzgerald’s has been the location for many local film makers and lots of music videos, with them coming back to premier their production on our big screen.

All events can be enhanced with valet parking or The Wave (pick-up and delivery transportation for guests) as well as food catering with local restaurants.  Fitzgerald’s is flexible, affordable and can accommodate your next event in a memorable, enjoyable fashion.

We also do promotions at other locations as well. Just email us at and let us be of service.